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A VOICE KEPT SAYING … a poem and photo by Tammy Barthels, Final Year M.Div. Student

A Voice Kept Saying….Lake Superior

It took many years to find my voice.

Years of digging through the rubble that was dumped upon me.

A  Voice kept saying “You cannot be silent.”

So I dug.

My fingers bruised and scraped, bloody from pulling and tugging.

A Voice kept saying “This is not right, do something!”

A spark of light was revealed through the cracks of rubble.

I grasped toward the light.

A Voice kept saying “You must speak your truth.”

The light shone brightly as I stood upon the pile of rubble,

wearing a coat of courage given to me by my Beloved.

The Voice said “You are a beloved Child of God.

You have been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

You must speak your truth!”

And the Voice kept saying “Expose the darkness, so that the Light may be seen.”


“Do not be afraid for I am with you”

So I found my voice, and began to speak of the injustices being done.

~Tammy K. Barthels



A poetic reflection on Karen Bloomquist’s  lecture

By Tammy Barthels, M.Div. Middler

Guide me O God
In speaking the truth.

What is truth?
That our world is fractured, hurt and broken?
That we have turned inward with our hurt, anger and misperceptions?

What will bring healing?
Stepping out and embracing each other?

Can we allow ourselves to be transformed by others
who are different than ourselves?

We each have unique, God given gifts to offer.

Can we recognize the face of God in each other
and allow ourselves to be transformed?

Rather than building walls to protect ourselves because of our fear,
can we reach out to pick each other up, rather than pushing each other down?

Let us remember who we are from the inside out.
Let us form solidarity with those who are left out.

Let us see, remember and connect with each other,
through our faith, making steps to change the face of our world
Reuniting in hope.