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POETRY by Jenn Collins, M.Div. Senior


Please. Please. See me. I’m not hiding.
See me deeply. My walls are thick. Please.
What shall I show you? I don’t want to wave.

Please. Please. Hear me. I speak plainly.
What I’m saying is clear. Soft. Simple. Please.
What shall I say? I don’t want to scream.

The D word
I would like to be many things…
An author-either a poet, a novelist, or a journalist.  A professor of theology. A student life worker.  A pastor.  A campus pastor.  A camp director pastor.  A singer-a lounge singer, or a Broadway star, or a diva.  An actress.  A social activist.  A social worker.  A politician.
Also, a wife.  A mom, maybe.  A soul mate.  A strong example.  An independent woman.  A free thinker.  A faithful servant.  A hard worker.  Not bitter.  Not angry or fake.  A genuine person.
Currently waiting for the person I will be to find the person I am.
Hide and seek?
No.  Discernment.