WOMAN IN THE MASK by Mary Wiggins, M.Div. Junior

I wonder who is the woman in the mask staring back at me
The one I know so much about but whom I have never met
She is the person I am not but who want to be
But I can’t until I pay this debt
So strong, so brave, so proud

Staring back at me covered in a blue cage
A veil that hides, all the things my society longs for
I can’t even tell if she is happy, sad, or full of rage
There is no need to search for it anymore
She shows me pieces of whom she really is behind the mask

The woman in the mask’s young life is full of accomplishment
Incomparable to what I have done
But this never fills me with resentment
Just queries by the ton
More and more questions about the woman in the mask

The woman in the mask mystifies me
The woman in the mirror even more so

Note: This poem was inspired by the cover of a book called, Zoya’s Story. I read it for a Women’s Studies class as an undergraduate. It is an autobiography by a woman from Afghanistan. The book was very impactful for me. A link to the image that inspired this poem- http://www.amazon.com/Zoyas-Story-Afghan-Struggle-Freedom/dp/0060097825


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