THE VOICE WITHIN by Tammy K. Barthels, M.Div. Junior

 More often than not we fail to embrace who God created us to be and instead view ourselves through the lens through which society and culture see us. We search for a love–that only God can give us–in things that are not life-giving and we are left empty. We allow society to strip us of our authenticity until we can no longer recognize the unique individuals God has created us to be. God, however, invites us daily to go within and seek the goodness God has created. Allowing ourselves silence and solitude, we will begin to hear God’s voice speaking to us, telling us that we are beloved children of God.

This poem was written in the reflection of God’s love that is calling us from within.

Remain still.


Embrace the Divine,

Within, daily.

Do not forget,

You are a Child of God.

You carry within you,

Everything you need.

Live with passion.


Celebrate who you are.

Rejoice, be glad.

Embrace all you are.

For the Divine created you,

And you are good.

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