Sandi Olson DeckerThe Rev. Sandi Olson Decker, pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Salinas, California, WTS, 2006, has been chosen for one of Collegeville  (Collegeville, MN) Institute’s, week-long writing experiences. Sandi was an avid writer and editor of The Persistent Voice while a student at Wartburg Seminary.

How many students have served on the staff of The Persistent Voice over the past 23 years?  Over 175! Many, having gained writing and editing experience, have gone on to publish other things. They have come to Wartburg, served, and gone forth to all kinds of service in the church and world.

WE INVITE you to contribute your writing. The subject matter can be as broad as the lives, experiences and vision of our readers. News, reviews, poetry, challenges, features and more should in some way relate to the mission statement: addressing issues of gender and justice across the globe and working towards the full partnership of women and men in ministry.  Send submissions to ncookeverist@wartburgseminary.edu.  We will edit (so don’t worry about your writing form). We will make sure you see the edited version before it is posted under your name.

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