FEAR IS A WEAPON by Mary Wiggins, M. Div. Junior

Fear is a weapon.

Used by ourselves on ourselves… on others

Used by others to keep us in submission.

Fear is a weapon whose painful grasp keeps the butterfly stuck in her cocoon.

The fairy stuck in a cage whose door is open.

Fear is a weapon that is very real. Fear is primal. Fear is ancient. Fear is…

The very emotion that flies downs our nervous system into the crack of our brains and resides deep within our ancestral conciseness.

Fear is the weapon used by the media to keeps us from questioning the establishment that prohibits us from living in real peace.

It’s the weapon used by heretics on pulpits preaching hate, not about God, about the truth and how the truth is LOVE.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. The only power capable of allowing millions to sit by, as atrocities are committed in this century in the last. Fear is what that paralyzes me in my thoughts when the wind decides to howl.

Fear is a weapon. Let’s put it down. Our second amendment still stands. This arm should sit away on a shelf. Fear is a weapon. Whom shall I fear now?


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