100th ANNIVERSARY OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY by Mamy Ranaivoson, M.Div. Senior

This year the whole world celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It is a big day in developing countries each spring. People can’t wait for this day to cry out for women’s issues, women’s rights, gender balance, gender equity, and empowerment of women because of the great injustices done to women in the world. We don’t hear much about it in the United States.  Is it because we believe the women here are treated with more dignity? Maybe…

I am from Madagascar and I would like to share a bit about our country. Many people heard about Madagascar from the Hollywood movie titledMadagascar . Basically, people know some facts about animals, like Lemurs, butterflies, and chameleons that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, but very few people know that before colonization, before Christianization, we already had queens in Madagascar. You can Google it on the internet by typing Queens of Madagascar in the search and it will give you the names and pictures of them. Our country was led by women until the French came and colonized our country. They made a law that no women were allowed in the high office and they deported our last queen to die outside of Madagascar. Since then, we went back to the patriarchal system of leadership. Too bad!

My hope is that the Malagasy Lutheran church will recognize the qualities of women in leadership and our church will ordain women soon. We need to keep the rights of women in the forefront in all the world, including the United States. Remember International Women’s Day


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